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Slapping my Monkey 2x


“I have now played two rounds with MonkeyBalls. What seems to be a well-constructed 2-piece ball looks great out of the box. The logo is clearly great and makes for several laughs within your group! MonkeyBalls seem to be a higher compression golf ball similar to a Wilson or Top Flight. I noticed that off the tee box and longer irons I tended to be able to hit more “dart-like” shots with very little movement. Seemed as if the ball just wanted to launch instead of shape. Loved the contact and how good the ball feels coming off the driver and how it compresses. Around the greens, I wish the Monkeyballs had a little more softness and feel to them. Difficult to spin the ball on tight greens led me to play more bump and runs than flop shots which I control better. I broke these Monkeyballs out twice and both times, the group I played in was laughing and cracking jokes about them. If Monkeyballs ever was to make a 3-piece ball with more compression and softness, it would be a sure-fire way to improve the ball. However, right now, I’m happily slapping my Monkey all over the golf course with this great product!!”

Carrett Frederking Garrett Frederking

Great Ball – Great Times!

Excellent ball off the tee and kept us smiling all 18 holes!”

Scott Jenkins

Tourney Play


Played with my son John recently in a pro-am and the ball hit well off the tee and good distance ball. Maybe not as responsive as a Titleist or Wilson tourney ball but good enough to crush 300 yards. Several laughs!”

Jim Daly

Wedding Gift

Bought some MonkeyBalls branded tennis balls from MonkeyBall Sports. Definitely a great tennis ball that plays well but even better broke my opponents concentration! Won the match and laughed ALOT!”

Billy J.

Outstanding Play & Funny!

Bought the 12 ball bx recently and was surprised to find that this ball hits just like any other ball I have played in my 20+ years of golf. When I tossed one to my buddy, we couldn’t stop laughing and added a couple of strokes to his game! A must have in your golf bag!”

Jim Thompson

For my Husband

Bought 12 balls for my hubby and waited until we had a tiff and handed him the balls & told him he was gonna be Slapping His Monkey for a while. Argument was over in an instant and he was off to play. He loves the ball & bought a box for his buddy.”

Susan Williams

Fun Times

“Ordered the box and when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to get a “Slap Your Monkey!” decal. Who does this? Played the next day with my best friend and tossed him a ball n said Slap Your Monkey to him. Asked him if he needed a bottle of jergins to go with the ball and he cracked up. Needless to say, the rest of the game was hilarious and Slap Your Monkey has become imprinted on my brain – help me!”

David B.

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