Wholesale Customers

Ready to profit from one of the fastest growing brands in the USA? We launched our MonkeyBall Sports retail business just a few years ago and we’ve experienced 500% year over year growth for the past 3 years. Now we’re ready to share our success globally with wholesale customers looking for huge profit potential in an astonishing short cycle time.

We offer:

  • $200 minimum order with or without product display with free shipping (1st time wholesale customer)
  • Product variations with huge margin (i.e. t-shirt with 3 ball box, 12 ball box with club sock etc.)
  • Online selling allowed (as governed by our online selling agreement)
  • Any size re-orders and money back up to 90 days after receipt of shipment

Interested? Fill out the form below (scroll down) or text one of the Chief Chimps at 770-814-6196 and we will return your text with a call in 24 hours. Please include your name, contact information, store name and nation/city/state (if virtual please include primary selling platform).