Testicular cancer is the leading form of cancer in men ages 15 to 39. These are scary numbers, however, when it is detected early enough it does have a 90% success rate for remission.For too long testicular cancer has been considered a socially taboo subject, and the awareness of the disease has been governed by social morays. Just as breast cancer has “Save the TaTas’”, we believe testicular cancer needs a catchy and long-lasting slogan. “Slap Your Monkey” is our way of communicating that testicular cancer is a monkey on the back of all affected men. We are confident that this business has tremendous potential to make a real difference in building awareness and contributing money to the fight against this terrible disease.
The Hilarious
Ad That Is Going Viral!
We like this comical spoof by Deadpool, but we are seriously supporting charities that fight testicular cancer.

Our Plan to Save Balls

Our Balls Need your support
Donate 10% of our profits from all MonkeyBall Sports branded products to fight testicular cancer
Placement of the blue ribbon testicular cancer on our golf balls and packaging to build awareness
Contributions of our product to golf tournaments hosted by verified 501c3s fighting testicular cancer
A Smartphone App that Combines Golf with Donations for Testicular Cancer
Online Education of Testicular Cancer & Promotion of Organizations Fighting Against It
Upon Profitability – Public Online Posts of Our Audited Financials (3rd Party) Since We Are Donating to Charities