How To Slap Your Monkey

Credit Lyndsey Hunnel

We all love a good hole and the best way to get a good hole is to know what you’re doing when it comes to “Slapping Your Monkey”. Many golfers like to believe they have enough experience to go out on the greens, without practice, and have a great game.

Nonsense. Unless you golf for a living or play all the time, it’s best you review the basics. Once you command the fundamentals, you’ll be ready for the moment when its time to play with your dimpled balls.

Let’s review:

Tee it up – Is your ball set in the proper position for your club? Have you checked the height and placement? If your tee is not erect & straight, your abiltity to put your balls in the hole may be sort of sloppy.
Is Your Shaft Lined Up? – With the tee of course. Have you checked the height of the ball vs. the position of the ball to the club face? The ball should be roughly half way above the club face when set properly.
Feet Shoulder Width Apart & Knees Bent – Don’t forget, you need leverage off the tee to get the power drive you want to the hole. Balance is the key.
The V Shape – It should be there right in front of your stiff shaft. Arms should be in the shape of a V when they are extended and you should be about two feet from the ball.
Get Your Head Right – Are you visualizing an awesome stroke onto the face of the green? Or are you frustrated? Clear your mind and reset your position if needed.
Slap That Monkey! – Begin your swing. If you’re a righty, your left arm should be straight thru your backswing through the “Slap” on the ball, head down with your eye on the ball thru the follow through of your stroke. Lefties- mirror image the above

See “Proper” form below! (Credit Katrina Brodsky Reese)