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The only Golf Club Sock Monkey that holds your ball in his head. Don’t break your club, #SlapYourMonkey

Fight Cancer With Your Balls

Successful Result in Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer awareness month is symbolized by the pink flamingo and the results have been fantastic.

Similarly, your support will save our balls

Similarly, your support will save our balls

We look forward to contributing to a similar effort with a blue monkey. After all, our balls need your support.

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Featured Articles
Susan WilliamsSusan Williams
Bought 12 balls for my hubby and waited until we had a tiff and handed him the balls & told him he was gonna be Slapping His Monkey for a while. Argument was over in an instant and he was off to play. He loves the ball & bought a ...
Billy J.Billy J.
Bought some MonkeyBalls branded tennis balls from MonkeyBall Sports. Definitely a great tennis ball that plays well but even better broke my opponents concentration! Won the match and laughed ALOT!
Jim DalyJim Daly
Played with my son John recently in a pro-am and the ball hit well off the tee and good distance ball. Maybe not as responsive as a Titleist or Wilson tourney ball but good enough to crush 300 yards. Several laughs!
Jim ThompsonJim Thompson
Bought the 12 ball bx recently and was surprised to find that this ball hits just like any other ball I have played in my 20+ years of golf. When I tossed one to my buddy, we couldn't stop laughing and added a couple of strokes to his game! A ...

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